Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Auto Loan Rates

Everybody who wants to purchase a car wants to secure the best auto title loan rates. Getting the best rate is not purely by luck but also a skill that one has to learn. For you to survive and be the best in any industry you need to learn the tricks of the trade and become one with the trade. Some hesitate when it comes to negotiations but little do they understand that the negotiations will only help them get the best deal. It will help you save a lot of money.

Here are the steps to follow to get your loan:

• You have to decide and choose your vehicle, the model, what it costs and the loan amount required upfront. You can also calculate on the possible monthly payment to be made, the down payment, along with the interest and fees. You can also get a picture of the repayment period. You can do the above with an online car loan payment calculator

• With the above homework, you can search online, either go to recommended sites or do a search on your own with references you have received

• Choose 3 to 5 companies which give the best offers. The application process is very simple with few personal details to be filled. You can then await their response within a few minutes either by email or directly posting it on the website

• With the offers in hand, you can start your comparison process. You need to compare the rates, fees, their terms and read everything in small print as this can make a huge difference

• Finally short list on 2 lenders and contact them over telephone. The conversation will help you understand the kind of people you are likely to deal with, their intentions and the possible service you will get from them

• Choose your lender after completing the above steps. You can give them your feedback by email, phone or through their website

• Just sit back and wait for their response. Your money should reach you within the next 72 hours.

There are tips to follow to get the best auto loan rates:

• Buy towards the end of the month- Car dealers usually hold contests and the winner is given a good prize which can be monetary or physical. Towards the end of the month, the salesmen are pressurized to do their target and will aim at getting customers to make a sale. This is the time for you to negotiate for a good price for your vehicle. The lower the cost of the vehicle, the better the terms you are likely to get for your loan

• Have Good Credit- If you have a good credit, you have strong grounds to negotiate on your terms for your loan. The lender is obliged to offer you if he feels you are a potential customer. If you have a bad credit score, you need to work on rebuilding your credit score for getting the best deals.

• Negotiate your auto loan- Never try to give out the best possible monthly payment you can make. You need to understand that there are several car dealers and lenders who can offer better rates. So never accept the first offer given and start negotiations at the lowest possible rate

Article Source: ezinearticles.com

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